Purple Sweet Potatoes

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Have you ever seen a purple sweet potato? They are beautiful!

Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, C, B6 and manganese. They are a good source of copper, dietary fiber, potassium and iron. They are known to improve blood sugar regulation and some studies say they have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The purple sweet potato is high in antioxidants and has the same pigment that gives blueberries and red grapes their color. These purple beauties have 130 calories in about a 4 ounce serving and 20% of the recommended amount of your daily dose of vitamin C (Based on a 2000 calorie diet). Sweet potatoes generally have a lower glycemic index rating (GI) than white and red potatoes. That’s good for all of us, especially those who are diabetic. Where can you buy purple sweet potatoes? Well, I always look in the supermarket for them in late fall. I found them one year at my local Kroger Store, but I have not seen them recently. If you do find some, buy them and store them in a cool dark place. They will stay fresh for several weeks, sometimes for a couple of months. I loved them so much that I grew them in my garden this year. I ordered the plants from an online store called Rare Seeds. If you have a garden, this spud would be a great addition to your home grown bounty. If you are looking to improve your health or fitness, please leave a comment below and I will contact you ASAP. I run challenge groups each month to help others form new healthy habits and I would love to have you join a group. Have you tried purple sweet potatoes in the past? Share your opinion below. Check back often for health, fitness and skin care news that you can use.

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