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We have been talking about ways to better our health by lowering our sugar intake and increasing our water intake. There are a few more points I would like to discuss on water in our diets and in our life. Water is such an important part of our chemical make up, and we really need to put some time into what kind we use and how we use it.

My son did a science fair experiment several years ago, on different types of water and how it affects the health of plants. He used spring water, well water, city water (chlorinated), boiled water, microwaved water, tap well water that was salt softened (run through a water softener).

He let all water come to room temperature, set the plants together by a window, measured how much he watered them and watered them at the same time each day. He tried to keep the environmental affects the same so that the types of water were the only differences. The experiment lasted 6 weeks. The results were interesting. The spring and well watered plants were very healthy, the other waters did keep the plant alive, but they were not as healthy. The microwaved watered plant did not look good. We quit using our microwave after that experiment, but that is for another post. If you think about it, the more natural the water source, the healthier the water should be. If you have a natural spring around your home, ask if it has been tested for quality and if it has, get permission to use it. We are very lucky to have a natural spring near our home. We use that water for drinking and cooking.





You should also be aware that drinking and bathing in chlorinated water is not healthy for you. If you have chlorinated water, consider getting a water filter for your shower and be sure to change the filter in it often. Drinking chlorinated water can destroy several vitamins that your body needs to protect you from cancer and other disease. Vitamin A,B,C, and E are some vitamins that do not do well in the presence of chlorine.

From what I have read, carbon filters are the best to use in your home. They are cheaper and more readily found than some other types of filters. There are filters that use charcoal, there is reverse osmosis, water distillers and other ways to filter water. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

If you work to increase you water intake, you can expect better skin, less brain fog, better waste elimination, better circulation and prevention of several diseases. What are you waiting for? Choose spring water, use direct heating methods instead of microwaved heating AND add more of that spring water to your diet.



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