Are You Having Sleep Issues?

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You know that God has placed a passion in my heart to help people who are struggling with their health. The other day, I was listening to a podcast where an author of a sleep book was being interviewed about how to get a good nights sleep. I was reminded of my past sleep issues and the issues that some of my friends have with sleep.
My longest stretch of no sleep was 6 days. I know that sounds crazy, but I had 6 days in a row where I just rolled around and my body just would not go to sleep. Something was wrong with my body’s balance of vitamins, minerals or maybe my hormones.
I have been studying about how a lack of magnesium can cause all kinds of problems for our bodies, including the lack of the ability to sleep. The sleep expert in the podcast I was listening to recommended applying the magnesium topically for the best results. Taking magnesium orally is a little tricky. You lose a lot of it in the digestive process and you have to take more to get what you need and THAT causes issues.
I decided to put this information to the test. I have a great magnesium skin cream that I recommend to my clients so I figured that it was time for me to start using it myself.
I used the cream after my shower, putting it on the places where the blood is close to the skin: the inside of my elbow, my wrists, the back of my knees and I also used it on my stomach. I used my body oil on the rest of my body. I didn’t notice any difference right away but I knew that it would take my body time to absorb the magnesium it needed to do it’s magic. It took about week and I noticed a BIG difference in my sleep. It was pretty amazing going from no sleep to really good sleep.
The author I mentioned above made a statement in his interview that really caught my attention and made me want to share this with you. He said that a study was done on people who were having sleep issues and 100% of them had a magnesium deficiency! 100%!
If you would like to try the cream I am using check it out here:

Magnesium Cream

Isn’t it wonderful that God has given us just what we need to solve our problems here on earth. Sometimes we just have to keep looking until we find the natural solution that works for us.
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